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Regular breast exams are encouraged, even for men. Leo: Most often a Leo 8th House's death is related to the heart. Heart troubles, heart attacks are highlighted. Or by overestimating yourself as in a fight or other risky venture. Keep your heart in the best shape possible. Eat well, stay focused on getting cardiovascular exercise as often as possible.

Virgo: Is usually related to health issues, intestinal problems or illnesses, germs or contagious illnesses. Stay on top of your health! Develop great hygiene, visit your doctors often and protect yourself from nervous tension that may cause intestinal or stomach upsets.

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Be careful of medicines. Libra: Often related to diabetes or sweets. Death, for these natives, will most likely be very peaceful, beautiful and even artistic. In sleep, at the same time as your spouse, or another easy, loving way are emphasized.

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Smooth death which will come at a time when you are totally at peace. Scorpio: Mysterious deaths, sexual deaths, possibly related to STD's.

Hidden and quite often, these natives pass alone -- or very rarely, at the hand of someone else. Possibly in war, or somehow during a sexual experience. It is usually quite intense and spiritually enlightening. Be extra careful in matters of sex. Get regular checkups of your reproductive organs. Protect yourself from sexual illnesses, STD's and refrain from provoking others. Sagittarius: In a far away land, or while traveling.

These natives typically do not pass away near their homes. They are very likely to grow old, and only pass away when their bodies are too tired to carry on. Probably while on a trip, while travelling or overseas; could be related to foreigners, and also related to growths such as tumors or even obesity. Since Sagittarius is also linked to sports; you should be careful of playing sports and sport-related injuries. Usually these natives will have a carefree death that is quite easy. On a physical front, protect yourself from growths by dealing with stress and emotions quickly so that they do not build up.

Be extra careful while traveling, driving, and the like. Capricorn: Very often lives to see 80, 90 or even an older age! These people have the ability to live the very longest lives, if they take good care of themselves and keep working. Their bodies typically begin to go downhill after retirement, so the key to an exceptionally long life is to keep on working; if not in a career, find other fulfilling "work" to keep yourself busy well into old age hobbies, volunteer work, being a caretaker for others, etc.

Be careful of your knees, teeth and work-related stresses. Aquarius: Unexpected, quick and usually painless. People with this placement typically pass very unexpectedly, tending to shock everyone around them. Bizarre accidents, or even related to their friends; possibly at the same time as some of their friends, while with a friend, etc. Stay aware of your surroundings and strive to not act in too must haste.

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Pisces: Pisces 8th houses are usually the ones you find passing in their sleep. Watery-related deaths, drugs, alcohol, suicides, or fluid buildup somewhere in the body are all related to Pisces 8th House cusps. Death is usually an extremely spiritual happening to you; very peaceful, dreamy and even beautiful. Could also be related to sacrificing your life to protect another.

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  7. We had an impromptu review of her life. Debbie said:. The astrologer was with friends in Yorkshire when she heard Diana, Dodi, 42, and French driver Henri Paul, 41, had died.

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    Never in my worst nightmares did I envisage it. I still think about her most days. Sign in.

    Astrology and timing of events like marriage, job and death.

    All Football. It's not uncommon for there to be some level of ambiguity over a public figure's exact birth time—on Astro Databank , a website that exhaustively collects astrological data "for astrological research, for astrological publications, and for serious astrological discussion," birth time accuracy is carefully rated using a system called "Rodden rating. Trump, conversely, has the best possible rating : AA, or "Accurate Accurate," because he released his birth certificate during his bizarre, racist "birther" crusade against then-President Obama.

    His birth time is AM, which makes him a Leo rising, explaining why he is so attention-seeking and preoccupied with his hair. Since the 90s, numerous astrologers have claimed that Clinton was born at 8 AM, and some have even argued that she doesn't want the public to know this fact.

    Prediction vs Forecasting & Cultural Acceptance

    Their sourcing is thin—as are their justifications for why she would lie about her astrological data despite having no clear interest or aptitude in astrology—but the 8 AM time is still the most commonly used among the disciples of Clinton's birth chart, according to several astrologers I spoke with. To the 8 AM chart's detractors, its popularity is the result of confirmation bias and wishful thinking. Indeed, according to both Matt and Larkin, the original reference for the 8 AM time is an unspecified newspaper article in which Clinton's mom said that her daughter was born "just in time for breakfast," in addition to a running rumor that Clinton had once confided to an astrologer she was born at that time—which would make her a Scorpio rising—but "didn't want people to know that because… somebody told her something negative" about the planetary position, as Matt puts it.

    However, "this is an apocryphal story," Larkin cautions, and no one has been able "to confirm its veracity. He later recanted, and was described to me variously as a "nut job" and a "crazy, crazy astrologer" who, at one point, "was claiming that he was a secret agent of the Israeli Mossad. This would mean she was born around midnight. In this age of moribund political process, where the right and left alike are swallowing improbable conspiracy theories as a palliative aid, there's something obviously appealing in looking for meaning in the stars.

    Examining Clinton's chart for clues—and subsequently concluding that she is ambitious, likely to rise to a high rank, and about to enter the most eminent period of her life—is comforting to someone who wants to see her succeed or, at least, to see Trump fail.

    So was looking at the New York Times live presidential election forecast, which originally had Trump's chance of victory at around 15 percent, until it wasn't anymore.

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