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If so, frame it as constructive criticism—and don't lose the upper hand by being reactionary.

Regardless of your relationship status, you won't feel like the only Fish in the sea on Tuesday, when the full moon in Taurus activates your extroverted third house. If you're in the market for a new BFF or collaborator these demonstrative moonbeams could draw one your way.

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Since the third house rules neighbors and siblings, you may spend more time interacting with them, or burying a hatchet that one of you has been carrying like an albatross for too long. Don't take these "secondary" connections for granted. If you nurture them, you might discover a true kindred spirit. But before you dive into a full-on partnership arrangement business, romantic or otherwise , sniff things out by teaming up on a small project to see how your energies mesh. You may have been considering new types of alliances since the Taurus new moon six months ago, and under this "culminating" moon, you could reach a critical milestone.

The third house is also associated with communication and self-expression, making this a great time to speak your mind—and not resort to tactics of being passive-aggressive or manipulative. As someone who shares selectively, when you do express yourself, your words can pack a wallop.

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By the weekend, you might need to be a bit more organized and practical. Get your personal accounts under control and consider how the week has gone with regard to your values and priorities. Free Daily horoscope Free Monthly Horoscope.

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New beliefs or ideas might grab your attention, as you thrill to the taste of foreign food. Someone close to you is working hard and getting an important project completed. You might lose a few personal contacts as life changes around you. Get set for a spooky Halloween on Thursday.

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Mercury turns retrograde on this day, slowing down your pace. Travel is not what it used to be now that we have entered a new age of increased security, but rest assured this is for your benefit. Those of you involved in higher education may be frustrated by red tape.


Just take a deep breath and have patience. Spend the weekend with friends, tossing ideas around. Sun enters your solar 9th house on October 23rd joining Mercury and Venus placed there already. Get out there and have fun. Get creative!

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Time to concentrate and see the wider view. Be generous with your time and talents as you seek to help out religious, educational or political institutions. Why not look into higher education, or advanced training? Consciousness-raising may become a priority for you.

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