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No element will radically change a sign, but it will help astrologers better understand people's personalities, behavior, likes, and dislikes. Ahead, Lau gives us the lowdown on all five elements. Read on to find out which element is associated with your birth year and how that might affect you.

The weather is getting colder and the year is drawing to a close. On Tuesday, November 12, the full Frost Moon will rise in the sky. As you may already kno. In astrology, Venus rules love, beauty, and prosperity, while Sagittar. These intricately decorated creations are a well-known part of celebrati. Halloween brings us ghosts, ghouls, horror movies, and haunted houses. But the most terrifying thing about Halloween is Mercury retrograde. New moons always represent beginnings, renewal, and rebir. The days are getting shorter. The eig. Rabbits have keen senses of smell but this goes beyond the physical — you are extremely sensitive to people and situations and your intuition is seldom wrong.

Many Rabbits are also psychically gifted. The Rabbit is most compatible with the Goat or the Pig. The Chinese Dragon is one of the most powerful of all the animals, using its fiery energy to achieve greatness. You dragons are charismatic creatures and breathe warmth and energy into all that you do. This makes you infectiously charming and generally popular. With all that fire, dragons are passionate and sexy and blessed with a great deal of luck in love. The most compatible match for a Dragon is the Snake or the Rat.

The Chinese Snake is the most seductive animal of the zodiac, oozing sensual power with an air of mystery. Snakes tend to be extravagant creatures and love beautiful clothes and possessions. Luckily, you have a stout financial mind so you are gifted at making your money go a long way. The most compatible match for a Snake is the stylish Rooster or the stalwart Ox.

The Chinese Horse is a true thoroughbred — naturally elegant and graceful, but with an untameable wild and tempestuous streak.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Horses prize their independence and have an unquenchable passion for travel. You therefore tend towards a minimalistic way of life with few material possessions as you prefer to be free to follow your flights of fancy. Horses are pioneering spirits and are often the first to discover new territory. You thrive in less disciplined environments where you are free to explore your own methods of doing things.

Chinese Zodiac for Kids

Your wild temperament means you hunger for physical intimacy and closeness, yet you are afraid of being emotionally fettered. You love the buzz of new faces, places and hot gossip. The most compatible match for the Horse is the Dog or the Tiger. The Chinese Goat is an independent, introspective creature, preferring the interior world of its own imagination to the drudgery of the materialistic world. Goats are hugely creative, great lovers of tranquillity and beautiful places. In fact, you love nothing better than time to yourself to indulge your daydreaming.

Any kind of monotonous reality gets you down and you are at your best when allowed to experiment with your typically non-linear approach.

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Although you are largely unmaterialistic and you shun power or responsibility, you enjoy luxury and like to have the means to be generous to those you love. You detest emotional scenes and public shows of affection and keep your personal life and your feelings close to your chest. Goats are most compatible with Pigs or Rabbits. True to your name, the Chinese Monkey is a cheeky creature, the joker in the pack. Your great energy allows you to swing from group to group and you like to keep up with a wide selection of friends rather than a close group of intimates, not least because of your love of gossip!

In love, the Monkey hates commitment and you rebel against anything or anyone who tries to compromise your independence. If you feel trapped emotionally, you are likely to be unfaithful. Monkeys are most compatible with Rats or Dragons. The most stylish animal in the Chinese Zodiac, Roosters are very visual. The Rooster delights in material goods and aesthetic perfection. You spend too much time preening to lose your composure in public. That said, you can be theatrical and over-dramatic if the perfect world you strive for is threatened.

Combined with your keen eye for detail, your love of wealth and material possessions means you are likely to spend a great deal of time and investment on perfecting your dream home.

fibdinapsigh.tk Naturally, you like to rule the roost and, despite your love of physical beauty, will prefer a more subdued mate who will be content to bask in your limelight. The most compatible match for a Rooster is the Snake or the Ox.

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The Chinese Dog is as loyal as his western counterpart but can have a sharp bite and a determined bark. Dogs love to please those they love, even if this involves bending the truth ever so slightly to keep the peace.

Mayan Zodiac Signs: Which One Are You?

And if your cover is blown, you Dogs hang on to your new version of events like a juicy bone, digging yourselves further and further into trouble. On the other hand, however, you hate superficiality or deceit in others. This, combined with your own underlying emotional insecurity, means you guard your feelings closely and are wary of new people. You prefer to stick to your pack and those who have earned your trust. Dogs are sticklers for issues and are swift to judge those they see as unethical.

You will fiercely protect your values and stand your ground against anyone who attacks your beliefs. Dogs are most compatible with Tigers or Horses. The Chinese Pig is the most honorable animal of the zodiac. Gentle and home-loving, Pigs are generous and indulgent by nature. Unlike the typical view of the Pig, the Chinese Pig is known for its impeccable manners, exquisite taste and gentle disposition. You Pigs love comfort and prefer to indulge in a luxurious home than in going out.