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Leos are natural born leaders, and they will share the same charming and magnanimous personalities. They demand that a partner is faithful Kings want adherents to be loyal to the reigning king, of course! Two Leos will find their greatest strengths is what lends pillars of support to the Leo and Leo love match.

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Their greatest strengths include their loyalty and generosity. Their ambition and confidence also strengthen the love affair. The Leo and Leo relationship is exciting, exhilarating, and satisfying. The love Leos share is intense and gratifying. When in balance, this affair has great promise. The road to lasting love is written in the stars. Bringing these lovers together is like merging two kingdoms. If the merger is done while there is peace in the land, all is well. But, if things are volatile between these two starry rulers, chaos reigns. Leos have no problem making love and peace.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

But, add any disruption into the mix and let the melodramatics reign! Each partner reflects one another. Familiarity with the attributes of a Leo personality act as a platform for which this duo can launch the love affair. But, what these two royals need to remember is too much of a good thing is never very good. The same familiarity this duo can use to launch a love affair into high gear is the same familiarity that goes old quick.

Leos love teasing their lovers and intensifying their desire until, like the Sun, it burns like a stellar fire within their core! Unreserved, uninhibited, and open to sexual experimentation, the acceptable menu of bedroom antics expands over the course of time. The Leo and Leo love match consists of spicy lovers. What they like doing between the sheets will make personalities under alternative zodiac signs flush with embarrassment! Hardly demure, even the neighbors find themselves blushing when two Leos are getting it on! Being quiet is not part of their sexual vocabulary. Anyone in the vicinity when hormones and desire get the best of two Leos cannot escape hearing lions when they roar!

Loving a Pisces Woman

What do Leo lovers prefer? Everything that feels nice and a whole lot of naughtiness too! Leos are highly intelligent. Eloquence is part of their communication skills. They have a gift for conversation and love socializing in wide circles. With each person they encounter, they see it as a learning experience. Constantly expanding their wisdom through social interaction allows Leos to continue to grow wise in the communication realm.

Two Leos in balance have no problem being direct and honest with one another. With the Sun as a ruling planet, the light shines on everything in the relationship, including the words they express. Honesty and a willingness to listen to one another contribute to the Leo and Leo compatibility. But, if an imbalance develops in either partner, the same direct, in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is communication proves condescending and trite. But, verbal wars are not out of the question. Leos are often amiable, friendly, and open. They pursue their passions, which is why they can maintain a sunny disposition when others are pessimistic.

They have attention-getting tendencies, so they can use their communication skills for good or bane. The way two Leos communicate with one another also falls under the influence of their competitive nature. If these two royals are willing to live together in harmony and share rulership of all domains under the relationship, peace falls over the land.

Being flexible and understanding improves Leo and Leo compatibility. The ambition Leo holds as a common attribute turns to a stubborn streak when they are out of balance. Leos are not beneath being melodramatic.

When they exaggerate a situation, it can frustrate the in-balance partner. Headstrong Leos are heading for the relationship battlefield. When they have out of balance attributes, they try to dominate one another.

No one wins in a love battle between Leos. Even if one Leo manages to dominate another, it leads to bitterness and resentment later. The negative emotions brew like a poisonous stew waiting to take down the person partner who keeps stirring the pot. In astrology, all signs align with one of two polarities. The Yin and Yang forces are the energetic polarities influencing personalities falling under specific zodiac signs.

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Leos correspond with Yang energies. Yin energies are sensitive, intuitive, and receptive. Yang energies are action-oriented, assertive, and forward-moving.

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Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. These forces complement one another. At first glance, without Yin influences in play, it may look as if there is an innate problem with Leo and Leo compatibility. But, this is not the case. Two personalities under the Yang influence can get along wonderfully. Both Leos are driven and ambitious. If they understand one another, they can also be supportive. One Leo partner can support the other as they pursue goals. When they have a joint vision, nothing is stopping them from accomplishing their dreams.

If one or both partners have too much Yang energy, this duo is in for one hell of a time. To remedy the situation, those who are out of balance will have to embrace Yin energies. It will allow the parties to become more sensitive, empathetic, and loving. In the Leo and Leo relationship, the distance between signs creates the aspect.

This distance relates to compatibility, and therefore astrologers measure it on the celestial wheel.


Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

The aspect is an angle measurement. The angle measurement is zero. The aspect is a conjunct formation. When one Leo partner looks at another, they will see much of themselves in their mate. Two Leos who get along have no problem accepting their mates as they are. The good news is both parties have advanced notice on any idiosyncrasies or differences each party in the relationship demonstrates. When the relationship begins, two Leos slip right into the love arena because everything is so familiar and comfortable. Leo has a bit of the exhibitionist in their make-up, too—get ready for some artful tableaus and gestures of sensuality.

Both signs know how to have fun, often preferring languid, relaxed pleasures over sustained busyness. Taurus the builder often prods Leo to turn their wildest dreams into tangible reality. Further into the relationship, Taurus and Leo will discover that what doesn't kill their bond makes it stronger. Here you have two notoriously stubborn types, and there will be high-noon showdowns throughout their relationship.

Leo ♌ And Leo ♌ Compatibility, Love, Friendship

Tensions flare when Leo isn't getting the adulation or attention they expect. If Taurus is absorbed elsewhere for too long, the Lion roars. When Leo feels consistently disrespected, as if their needs don't matter, it can become a fundamental problem in the relationship. Taurus , because of their mellow nature, sometimes finds Leo demanding or frustrating. Here's a couple that may argue all the time but still end up side by side in rockers on the porch.

It doesn't always work, but friction can be a beneficial force in relationships. It's love with an edge, and that can keep a couple together for life. High points are pride in children and other shared creations. Taurus and Leo are a creative team when their formidable energies are diverted away from drama and squabbling. They thrive together when their shared intensity is used to manifest their dreams. With Taurus and Leo, communication is key.

If both partners are open and honest with each other in expressing their feelings and their needs, it'll minimize conflict and reduce jealousy. When conversation gets heated, it's important for each sign to take a step back and assess things calmly.